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Established in April 2017, Craftech Labs Inc. strives to design high quality, functional, and visually appealing products. In addition to bringing our own ideas to production, we offer a range of 3D printing services. From hobby projects to prototyping and design consultation, we have the tools and knowledge to assist you in bringing anything you can imagine to fruition.

Our name Craftech, the culmination of the words ‘Craft’ and ‘Tech’, was chosen to signify our passion for creativity and art coupled with our love of technology. Our motto “where imagination meets reality” is entrenched in every product we develop.

Not only are we passionate about bridging the gap between art and practical design, but we have a sincere affinity for the world we live in and the health of our environment. We will always endeavor to do whatever we can to minimize our footprint and promote sustainability through our designs and practices.

Who Are We?



Mechanical Engineering Technologist

Creative, laid back, and a natural leader. Ryan’s intrinsic entreprenurial spirit led him to start Craftech Labs, and his ambition to succeed is driving him forward. When he’s not working or tinkering with his 3D printers, Ryan loves to play guitar and write songs, or play any one of a multitude of sports - with ice hockey being the number one favourite.


Business Development

Bachelor of Commerce

Passionate, driven, and diligent. Anna’s business acumen and critical thinking skills are essential to Craftech Labs future growth. When she’s not at the office, Anna can be found practicing her flamenco dancing skills, or out in nature exploring all that the beautfiul west coast has to offer. Let’s not forget she’s also an outstanding cook!


Moral Support

Happy, Friendly, & Hungry

Pronounced TEH-VAH - she is the happiest, friendliest, and (like most labs) hungriest furry family member you will ever meet. She supports every decision Ryan and Anna make with unwaivering tail wagging and body wiggling, and she is always ready to cheer them up during tough times.

Have a question for any of us?

We would love to hear from you! We are always willing to share ideas, music, recipes, half-chewed sandals, and our vast knowledge of the universe.

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